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Non Surgical

This is where a client has hair added to thin/balding areas of the head by way of bonding a membrane/base to the scalp with hair attached. The hair replacement system or unit (as it is so often called) is custom or bespoke to the client’s needs. A template would be taken of the clients scalp and a base made to fit this. The type of base chosen will depend on the client’s requirement in both lifestyle and expectation on naturalness and durability.

Then human or synthetic hair is attached or knotted to this base, again the type of hair used is dependent on the clients requirement ( European, Indian, Remi or Matrix to name a few). The hair replacement system or unit is then bonded onto the client’s hair and cut and blended into the existing hair on the head. This is where the true art is!! It’s this blending integration with the client’s own hair that makes the system look truly natural and undetectable.

The advantages of non-surgical hair replacement are that a client can get back as much or as little hair as is desired without the pain of surgery.

non Surgical